Bev on the Web

I used to have a blog ages ago about Club Penguin, and I stopped that when I started hating the person I’d become out of it. It sounds stupid to say now, but I was on YouTube and I was arrogant and I made enemies. So I stopped talking to everyone and stopped posting on my blog and stopped making videos. I haven’t posted a video on YouTube since 2012 and I haven’t posted on my old blog since 2012 either.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog where I can vent my anger and voice (metaphorically) my opinions because I’ve never been good at doing that in real life, but whenever I’ve tried in the past it just never worked. I looked back on my 12-year-old self blog posts and I cringe. I’ve deleted all of them and started again, but I don’t know if this will be any better. I hope so, and I hope that maybe one day someone will stumble across my blog and stay to read it.

I’m not going to tell anyone about this – at least, not now. I don’t want anyone checking up on me or advising me “don’t post that, Annie. People might get the wrong idea”. It’s easier to say things over a computer screen because no one knows who you really are, or how you’re really affected by things. And not many people really care, to be honest.

So, this blog post is me at my current self. And I hope I don’t look back on this and cringe.

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